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October 12, 2023

Saprea and Utah Nonprofits Holding Symposium on Ending Child Sexual Abuse

On October 25, three Utah-based nonprofits are hosting the SAFE Symposium, “Ending Child Sexual Abuse,” at the Mountain America Corporate Building in West Jordan, Utah.

Malouf Foundation, Prevent Child Abuse Utah, and Saprea are hosting the half-day symposium aimed at ending the silent epidemic of child sexual abuse. Attendees will include elected officials, nonprofit leaders, and academic researchers/university administrators.

“Research shows Utahns think child sexual abuse is an outside issue that doesn’t impact us, and it’s time for that to change—this way of thinking results in an unacceptable number of children who experience abuse,” says Jake Neeley, Executive Director at Malouf Foundation. “We need everyone who cares about this issue and is willing to help join us at this event, regardless of your influence or resources.”

Two keynote speeches will be held during the symposium. The first will be given by John R. Miller, CEO of JR Miller Enterprises and founding partner of Woodbury Strategic Partners, Solamere Capital, Wasatch Premier Properties, Dakota Pacific Real Estate Partners, and Dakota Pacific Holdings.

Miller hopes to increase awareness around the widespread impacts of child sexual abuse. “There are multiple twisted dimensions surrounding the impact of sexual abuse. Those impacted not only include those abused, but in many instances the future family of the abused, including spouses, children, and grandchildren. This generational impact is seldom discussed or understood by the general public,” says Miller.

The second keynote will be delivered by Joseph Grenny, co-founder of Crucial Learning (formerly VitalSmart) and New York Times bestselling author of eight books, including the communication classic “Crucial Conversations”.

“There are many in the world with good hearts. There are some with good heads. Solving a problem as vexing and complex as pervasive sexual abuse requires both,” says keynote speaker Joseph Grenny. “Saprea’s team has the rare combination of unflinching commitment and profound understanding required to move the needle.”

Between keynote speeches, attendees will participate in co-creation, an engagement model designed to unleash the vast knowledge, experience, commitment, and involvement that each participant brings to the table. Co-creation groups will discuss, brainstorm, and create actionable plans addressing various aspects of child sexual abuse.

In addition to representatives from Malouf Foundation, PCA Utah, and Saprea, the symposium will also feature the support of The Policy Project, the Utah Coalition for Protecting Children, A Bolder Way Forward for Utah, and the Utah Women & Leadership Project.

“This event's goal is to address the critical issue of child sexual abuse and establishing a safer, more secure future for children,” says Laurieann Thorpe, Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Utah. “Child sexual abuse is a grave concern that affects 1 in 7 children in Utah, causing enduring trauma, emotional distress, and long-term consequences for survivors. The SAFE Symposium is dedicated to raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and promoting action to combat this issue head-on.”

About Malouf Foundation:
Malouf Foundation exists to confront child sexual exploitation, specifically sex trafficking and online abuse. They fulfill their mission by providing education, promoting healing, and furthering advocacy for survivors. Learn more at
About Prevent Child Abuse Utah:
Prevent Child Abuse Utah (PCA Utah) forges and guides community commitment to prevent child abuse in all forms through programs, services, public awareness, education, public policy development, and system partner collaboration. Learn more at
About Saprea:
Saprea exists to liberate individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. Their resources include healing educational retreats in Utah and Georgia for adult female survivors, survivor support groups around the world, online healing resources, online prevention resources, and community education courses/materials. Learn more about Saprea’s resources for healing and prevention at