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Volunteer for Saprea

Eliminating child sexual abuse will only be possible with help from volunteers who are passionate about our cause. If you or your group are committed to liberating individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its impacts, we want your help.

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Teach Your community With Our Support

No child should endure the trauma of sexual abuse, and no survivor should silently suffer from its long-term impacts. We advocate for open, honest discussions around this difficult issue to help raise awareness and reduce stigma. With clinically proven tools and resources, Saprea empowers survivors, parents, and community members with the knowledge needed to protect, heal, and overcome.

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Start or Join a Saprea
Support Group

Saprea created support groups because a safe community has been shown to be a powerful tool in the healing process. While we created the curriculum for the groups, each individual group is formed and led by a survivor in their own communities or online. The materials and practices used in the groups are clinically reviewed and evidence based. Saprea Support Groups are provided at no cost to participants.


Are You a Survivor Looking for a Healing Community?

You can connect with a new avenue of healing and help to bring these healing resources to other survivors in your community—in person or online. Find a support group near you. Saprea Support Groups are led by survivors for survivors.

Are You a Supporter Looking to Connect with Survivors?

Below are a few suggestions of how to bring Saprea Support Groups to the survivors in your life.

  • Tell survivors about this free resource. They can start a group or join an existing group.
  • Share about Saprea Support Groups on social platforms.
  • Help a survivor, interested in starting a group, find a location or an online platform and help them promote
    the group at their direction. Find a support group near you.

Attend one of our monthly Saprea Support Group interest meetings to learn more and talk with a Saprea representative. These meetings provide valuable overview information as well as allow you to ask any questions you have.


Host a Fundraiser
for Saprea

Use your passion, talent, or hobby to help raise funds that provide healing resources for survivors and prevention tools for families and communities.

See all the ways to fundraise

Host a fundraiser for Saprea

Use your passion, talent, or hobby to help raise funds that provide healing resources for survivors and prevention tools for families and communities.

See all the ways to fundraise

Help With In-Kind donations

We gratefully accept things we can use to enrich survivors’ experiences at our Saprea Retreat. We use your in-kind donations for everything from welcome packages when participants arrive to hands-on classes that foster creativity and expression. Your in-kind donations help to inspire community, hope, and healing.

Learn more about ways to give

Incorporate an Activity with Your Donation

Send in your cards, blankets, or bookmarks to one of our office locations. See the above in-kind donation lists for our mailing addresses. Are you local? You are also welcome to drop off your donations. Email to coordinate a time.


Are You a Business?

Let us help you incorporate service into your next team activity.
Please contact us via our contact page or directly via

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Share on Social Media

Become a voice for social change by sharing messages of healing and prevention on your social channels. Child sexual abuse and its impacts thrive in secrecy. By speaking up, you are shining a spotlight on this epidemic and starting conversations around healing and prevention.


Follow our channels.


start resharing our posts.


tag us in your posts and reshares.


make the messaging your own.

J’Lene is an amazing supporter through Facebook.

She frequently post about Saprea to help her friends and community connect with healing resources. Whether she is spotlighting our volunteer needs or sharing one of our videos, J’Lene has been the catalyst for many women finding healing resources by attending the Saprea Retreat.

“It only takes a few seconds or minutes to share a post(s) on social media, but it can be a life-changing moment for a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. You never know who needs to hear or see that message.
It can mean all the difference in the world for the person who sees it or for someone they care about.”


Host a kintsugi workshop

Kintsugi classes have been an integral part of our healing retreats since the very beginning. Kintsugi is the Japanese philosophy that the value of an object is not in its perfection, but in its history and resilience. Hosting a Kintsugi Workshop as a fundraiser is an amazing way to support survivors at retreat and inspire your community through a hands-on project and discussions of patience, compassion, and healing.
host a kintsugi workshop

Want To Get Involved in Other Ways?

We would love to hear your creative ideas, and we are always looking for local event and in-office volunteers too!

Contact our Volunteer coordinator