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Teach in Your Community

You can help reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in your community by teaching a prevention class. Each of our educational resources was developed in collaboration with licensed mental health clinicians and community leaders. Schedule a Saprea prevention class from us, download the materials to teach a group, or train to become a Volunteer Community Educator. Read more to explore our free resources to learn how to reduce child sexual abuse and teach others to do the same.

Community Education Classes

Our classes create an interactive environment for you and your community to learn evidence-based tools to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse. Our teaching materials and discussion guides are open for you to review and use.
Top 5 Ways You Can Reduce the Risk
A great introduction to learning tools that make the biggest difference.
Teaching Your Child Consent
Empower kids to set, keep, and respect boundaries in many situations.
Teaching Your Child Healthy Sexuality
Learn how age-appropriate conversations are one of the best ways to reduce the risk.
Teaching Consent for Teens
A special class just for teens offering nuanced principles of consent and how to apply them.

Schedule a Saprea Prevention Class

We know not everyone feels comfortable leading a discussion, but classes like these are critical to helping parents and caregivers reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in our homes and communities. As daunting as it may seem, teaching even one class can make all the difference in another person’s life. And there’s no telling how far your message of awareness might spread and how many families it may impact.

Most of our classes are delivered virtually and available worldwide. To get started, fill out your information below, and we will be in touch to schedule your class.
Schedule a Class
Man with glasses teaching a class of students
With most of our classes being delivered virtually, scheduling a class is now easier than ever.

Teach Your Own Class

You can help liberate our society from child sexual abuse simply by starting conversations within your community. Our discussion guides help make it easier to initiate this meaningful dialogue and increase awareness around sexual abuse.

Each discussion guide includes:
  • Materials you need to both inform and invite others to 
take action.
  • Step-by-step outlines for each discussion, which you 
can follow or adapt.
  • Education provided in an easy-to-use video.
  • Specific questions that help you facilitate discussions pertinent to your group and their experiences.
Whether you choose to organize a formal class or host a casual conversation with a group of parents, your efforts will be key to helping curb the epidemic of abuse in your community. If you feel nervous to teach, we'd always love to have you join one of our Volunteer Community Educator trainings.
“My wife and I feel that child sexual abuse is a terrible problem in our community, but one that is not talked about enough. If we could share this knowledge with our neighbors, perhaps we could help protect some of the kids in our neighborhood. Our friends were very vocal and openly shared perspectives and insights. Overall, they felt that the class was very worthwhile.”
—Ric, concerned parent who taught Top 5 Ways to Reduce Risk

Gather a Group to Teach

With our education, we make it easy to teach groups you are already connected to. Our plug-and-play curriculum lets you gather a group and teach the classes yourself. Below are some tips for how to get started.

Train as a Volunteer Community Educator and Help Us Teach!

Are you passionate about this cause? Do you like to teach and lead discussions?Consider becoming one of our Volunteer Community Educators.

While anyone can use our discussion guides to teach a group they are already a part of, our Volunteer Community Educators (VCEs) go through extra training to be prepared to gather and teach a variety of groups. They are also a key part of our ability to respond to community groups who request classes. VCEs are also connected with community groups requesting classes. If you are committed to this cause and can teach one to two classes a month, sign up below for more information.

Become A VCE
“I have a passion for educating parents on how to keep our kids safe. When I came across the prevention classes with Saprea, I loved how easy they made all the hard stuff to talk about. This organization has changed my life and so many others.”
—Brook, Parent and Volunteer Community Educator

Interested in Our Community Education Classes, but Still Have Questions?

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