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I Stand Strong and Immovable


I felt I was strong and could put this stuff behind me. I told myself it didn’t affect my life now. But it did. Then one day a friend posted pictures of herself, and talked about her story. I loved this friend and I cried for her. I knew her story. I could have said much of it. She told me of this place she went to get help. 

I am married to a loving man. I realized that my past was affecting my marriage. I could no longer deny it, I had to get help. So, I went to the Saprea Retreat

I know I am a woman of faith and one that has much love to give. Yet, something has always held me back. There has always been fear or maybe a wall that stopped me from moving forward. I now understand what that wall is. 

I am strong! My body has constantly been on defense for years it has never fully relaxed. I attended the Muay Thai class. I knew it was going to be hard for me. The staff was right there helping me. I wasn’t going to leave until I got past the fear. As my body connected with the movement, I moved out of the past and into the present and I relaxed. I have never felt that relaxation before this trip. The other women at the retreat saw it as well and supported me. 

I am healing. Saprea helped me get started. They taught me the tools to use to stay present and be grounded. I now stand strong and immovable. 

-Ramona, Survivor