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I Am a Victor Not a Victim


Losing my innocence at the age of six and being the victim of date rape at the age of 15 was something I hid from everyone who knew me. I always felt as if I was to blame for allowing this to happen to me. I never talked about it to anyone. I just hid it with alcohol. I could be funny, I could flirt and I could laugh with alcohol. I couldn’t do that without it. I would just hide from the world and live in depression

Going to the retreat opened up my eyes and cleared my mind. I did not allow these things to happen to me. They were stolen from me. I got the tools I desperately needed to seek help, talk to people, and learn to love myself. I have learned I can overcome anything. I am a VICTOR and not a victim. I am courageous, strong, and a warrior. 

I can share my story with others hoping to help one lady out there who is living in darkness like I was. Saprea saved my life. I am reclaiming hope every single day with my new six amazing friends I made at the retreat. They are my sisters, my friends, and most of all my cheering squad! Thank you for the best four days of my life! 

-Sammi, Survivor