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We Deserve to Live Our Best Life


I was never afraid to tell someone I was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, but the effects of it lived inside of me and affected all areas of my life. I suffered from depression and alcohol abuse for years and numbed myself to survive. 

I only recently realized that life is so much more than what was done to me, that I am worthy of life.  I am a survivor.  I was so lucky to attend the Saprea Retreat. I learned I am not alone.  I feel like I am walking through a waterfall and being cleansed. When I walk through to the other side, I will see the total transformation of what life has to offer and what I have to offer others.  We are survivors and strong.  We are brave and worthy to stand in the full sunshine of all that life has to offer.  I can see that now, and I no longer have to hide in darkness. 

-Ann, Survivor