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I Will No Longer Be Shamed


“You were a child. How could it still bother you so much?” 

You would be surprised to know how frequently I was asked that question in my last relationship. I don’t think people truly understand the lasting scars and effects. Our childhood years are when our minds and personalities are still developing. To have that innocence taken away, well, it’s horrifying and unfair. 

I had to grow up much quicker than I should have. A lot of firsts were taken from me, and I will never be able to get them back. I will always question people’s intentions and be guarded. But I will no longer be ashamed because of the choices of a monster. 

Today, I am in college turning my dream of becoming a Social Worker into reality. I am in a loving, supportive relationship where I was brought into the lives of two amazing children and a beautiful and talented teenager. 

I carry my scars with me proudly, for they shaped me into who I am today. They are proof that it is very possible to go from a broken, scared child to a courageous, strong-minded woman. 

I am not my past. I am a survivor. 

-Randi, Survivor