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I See Myself as Beautiful and Strong


I was abused for 12 years, people didn’t know, and the ones who did didn’t help. I used to feel like it was my fault and that I deserved it. I didn’t know how to escape, I didn’t know I could speak up or ask for help. I didn’t think anyone cared. I continued to feel this way and carry this burden with me until January 2018. I went to the Saprea Retreat, having no idea it would impact me as much as it did. I have since learned different ways to heal and overcome my anxiety and self-blame. I used to see myself as broken but since the retreat, see myself as beautiful and strong as the woman in the pictures taken of me. I use arts and crafts as a part of my therapy to help ground me. I am part of a group of women who are survivors, we all became friends and support each other through the good time, hard times and triggers. What happened to me, will never go away and I will never forget it. But through what I’ve experienced and have been learning, I can help others reclaim hope and defend innocence! I can make others aware of this ongoing problem and how to educate themselves about it. Helping other survivors and helping to prevent others from being victims has become one of my life’s goals. My faith, family, friends, and love help me every day to know that I am more than what happened to me. I want to help others know and understand that they are more than their experience. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your story is—I Love You, You are Beautiful, You are Strong and You are Amazing! 

-Jessica, Survivor