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I Kept it All Inside Me and Hidden


I was seven when my abuse started by my own brother, it carried on until I turned 15. It never seemed this long to me, because I lived many traumatic things in my life and I never talked about it. I always had a smile on my face and always wanted to make others happy. I kept it all inside me and hidden. 

I met a girl and we understood each other very well. She talked about guilt and shame. Something happened to me and it all broke down. All the sadness, anger, pain, and guilt I kept inside was leaving in this moment of time. There I felt free. I have been in therapy one year now, trying to work on my depression, BPD, and PTSD. Healing isn’t easy, especially not physically. But no one should give up. Someone can break our past but we choose the future. 

-Lisa, Survivor