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I Have Struggled with My Ability to Feel


No words are able to describe the impact that Saprea has made on my life. Since my abuse, I have struggled with my ability to feel and connect with my emotions. To cope with my pain, I had separated my life into the “before” and the “after.” I never felt that I could be whole again. Having the opportunity to meet other women who understand my struggles was life-changing for me. Along with them and Saprea staff, I was able to, for the first time, talk candidly about my emotions and pain without an overwhelming feeling of pity. Since I first started sharing my abuse, I felt that people who heard my story were always trying to find ways to help by “fixing” me. The women at the Saprea Retreat embraced me and did not try to fix my pain but accepted and loved me along with every piece of my trauma. I started to get the feeling that I was a whole person, validated in my pain, but embraced for every part of me. 

For people who are wondering if they should take this step and attend, please do. Waiting for life to give you an optimal time to work on yourself will never come. It is a leap of faith for yourself and for that little girl. You owe it to yourself, and to her, to be able to reconnect with yourself fully and meet people who will only build you up. I know that every woman who has experienced the Saprea Retreat has left changed and their relationships altered for the better. I now have a strong group of sisters surrounding me and encouraging me through the good and bad seasons of life and you deserve that. That little girl deserves it too. 

-Emma, Survivor