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Beginning to Embrace Being a Survivor


After years of therapy and healing work, I thought I was done with my healing journey. Yet, I still found it difficult to really feel joy and be proud of all that I had accomplished. I continued to feel ashamed of my body and the way I looked. I was closed off to trusting others, especially other women. 

Somehow, I knew having the opportunity to attend the Saprea Retreat would allow me the space to open my heart to finally love myself. 

It did and so much more. 

It was truly the first time I have ever been the presence of women, other survivors, who absolutely accepted me for exactly who I am. This, in turn, allowed me to begin the steps to accept and love myself in the same way, for exactly who I am. 

While I couldn’t have helped what happened to me as a victim of sexual assault, I am beginning to embrace being a survivor who loves herself unconditionally, who knows that she is created for greatness, and now has a Sisterhood of Survivors who are my family for life. 

-Alison, Survivor