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Oblivious to the Way My Mind Worked


I used to believe that my story was less important than others. When I heard other women tell their stories, I felt so sad for them. Little did I know, mine was important too. 

I never really knew how much it affected me, still to this day. I never knew that the anger I had was so connected to it. I never knew that a lot of my life situations stemmed from my abuse. 

Until I met the world of Saprea, I was oblivious to the way my mind worked. 

Now, this isn’t a miracle story. I say that because I am still learning how to work through it every day due to trials coming with tribulations. I’ve found that different things work for different people. 

Before I end this, I just want each and every one of you survivors to know that your story is equally important as the next survivor. 

-Carrie, Survivor