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I Was Tired of Being Depressed and Anxious


When I went to the Saprea Retreat I hadn’t really told my story or my trauma to many people. I also hadn’t ever gone to therapy; I didn’t want to relive my past, but I also knew that I was tired of being depressed and anxious. I had anxiety attacks on the drive to the retreat, but the mountains and canyons gave me hope. They were so beautiful, and if I could still see the beauty in nature, then maybe I could start to see the beauty in me. My biggest breakthrough while at the retreat was when we used our kintsugi bowls to hold beads, even something broken can function as it once did. 

Since coming home, I’ve had my ups and downs. I finally started seeing a therapist and I had a breakthrough in my first session and on multiple occasions she has praised me on my coping skills and determination, all things I learned at the Saprea Retreat. I know I still have so far to go as a survivor but I know that the retreat has started me down a truly life changing journey and I will be forever grateful. 

-Allison, Survivor