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Saprea > Survivor Stories > I Never Believed There was Hope for Me


I Never Believed There was Hope for Me


Hope. I never knew that one word could have such a huge impact on my life. Ever since my abuse, I never believed there was hope for me. 

Arriving at the Saprea Retreat, I was a ball of nerves and anxiety, but those feelings quickly faded once I vowed to not isolate myself. I learned it was okay to cry, to feel, to scream, and to be happy. The activity that put a lot into perspective for me was the kintsugi project. It showed me that what was once broken can be mended and become something even more beautiful. I have truly taken that to heart and live every day reclaiming hope. The lessons and coping techniques I learned while at the Saprea Retreat have empowered me to be my best me. I’m a survivor and a warrior. I have hope. 

-Stephaney, Survivor