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May 14, 2021

Utah Survivors Podcasts Feature Two Episodes About Foundation

May is National Mental Health Month and a Utah-based podcast, “Utah Survivors” features two episodes this month focused on the mental health of survivors of child sexual abuse and how The Younique Foundation assists them with mental health as part of their healing journey.

Each week Utah Survivors Podcast alternates interviews between survivors and nonprofits that seek to provide them with support. Episodes 43 and 44 highlight the mission of The Younique Foundation and its work with survivors of child sexual abuse.

Episode 43 features an interview with Martha, a Utah survivor of child sexual abuse. Following encouragement from her father, she attended the Foundation’s Haven Retreat, a clinically informed four-day educational experience. Martha says what she learned at retreat literally saved her life and provided her with helpful mental health services. On average, when a person like Martha comes through The Haven Retreat program, they can expect to see a 37% reduction in post-traumatic stress symptoms and a 45% increase in life satisfaction.

Episode 44 includes a discussion with Shelaine Maxfield, president and founder of The Younique Foundation, and Matt Hartvigsen, director of outreach for the Foundation. The two talk about why the Foundation was created, the fact that 1 in 4 women are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and the tools the Foundation provides for survivors to begin their healing, and resources available to parents and caregivers to become better educated about this issue.

The two podcasts were specifically aired in May during national Mental Health Month, a time that highlights an important topic for survivors. As a result of their trauma, survivors often deal with a variety of mental health issues that can impact them for years or even decades after the abuse occurred. Research indicates that 85% of child sexual abuse survivors have at least one diagnosed mental health problem by age 30. And it’s not a coincidence that child sexual abuse survivors are 3 times more likely to attempt suicide and that nearly 30% attempt suicide at least once before age 30.