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October 21, 2022

Saprea Awarded Inaugural National Grant from Stand Together Foundation

Saprea is one of 25 nonprofits nationwide to receive an inaugural Catalyst impact grant from the Stand Together Foundation. Saprea is the only Utah nonprofit that will receive $300,000 over the next three years to grow its impact and awareness around the issue of child sexual abuse.

In 2021, Saprea was named one of the country’s most transformative nonprofits by Stand Together and was invited to be part of the Catalyst Program, a management training and peer-learning program to help nonprofits grow, scale, and replicate their success.

Saprea is a global nonprofit that provides healing retreats, support groups, and online resources for women who were sexually abused in childhood or adolescence. Saprea also educates and empowers both parents and caregivers to protect children from sexual abuse through community and online resources.

“This grant will allow Saprea to continue to work closely with the Stand Together Foundation in innovative, impactful, and empowering ways with clear measurement outcomes,” said Matt Hartvigsen, executive director of Saprea. “Saprea aligns with this approach and this experience will help us learn even more.”

Stand Together launched the new Catalyst Impact Grant Program this year to help nonprofits tackle their toughest issues by applying principle-based approaches to management and social change. This impact grant will be disbursed in $100,000 increments over three years. Financial support is contingent upon successful competition of the program expectations at each year mark.

“The impact our retreat has on the lives of survivors is undeniable,” said Saprea Manager Director Chris Yadon. “We know that what we do works. One-year, post-retreat, our survivors experience on average a 37% reduction in post-traumatic stress symptoms and a 45% increase in life satisfaction. Changes like this are life altering and positive.”

Saprea also has a Net Promoter Score of 98, according to 60 Decibels, a global social impact research firm. “An excellent NPS is a score above 70, and Saprea’s score of 98 is truly exceptional,” said Sasha Dichter, co-founder of 60 Decibels. “Saprea survivors [who attended retreat] we spoke to were eager to speak about their experience and share feedback openly, likely a result of the trust Saprea has cultivated with the women who participate in its program.”

The 60 Decibels survey also found that 91% of survivors who attended the four-day educational Saprea Retreat recommended it to a friend, family member, or someone in a similar situation.