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September 14, 2023

The Policy Project Joins Saprea in the Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse

This week, The Policy Project announced their 2024 legislative initiative: “The Safe Child Project”. Inspired in part by nonprofit Saprea’s efforts to end child sexual abuse, this initiative will focus on expanding classroom-based child sexual abuse prevention education for all Utah students from kindergarten to 6th grade.

Child sexual abuse is a global issue that has long-lasting impacts. During previous initiatives, The Policy Project observed how the lasting negative impacts of that abuse could lead to additional emotional, financial, mental health, and physical challenges later in life.

The Safe Child Project aims to address this trauma cycle and curb the prevalence of abuse by teaching children early on how to recognize signs of unsafe relationships and situations. Education is a vital part of the strategy that Saprea, a nonprofit that will be partnering with The Policy Project during this initiative, uses in their fight against child sexual abuse.

"The need to address the issue of child sexual abuse in Utah cannot be overstated," Kristin Andrus, community organizer and a leader for The Policy Project said. "The statistics reveal a stark reality and underscore the urgency of our mission. Coming together and supporting 'The Safe Child Project' can provide children with the tools they need...and pave the way for a healthier, happier future for our youngest generation."

Earlier this year, members of The Policy Project gathered at Saprea and were taught strategies to protect their kids against sexual abuse using Saprea’s community education resources. In addition to promoting preventative education for children, Saprea teaches and prepares volunteers to educate parents, caregivers, and communities in effective ways to protect children against various forms of child sexual abuse.

“When influential members of society take a stand against critical problems like child sexual abuse, the impact they have is astounding,” said Saprea’s Managing Director, Chris Yadon. “We are excited to see the difference that The Safe Child Project will make in reducing child sexual abuse and its lasting effects here in our local communities.”

In addition to the legislative initiative, The Policy Project will also be joining Saprea, Prevent Child Abuse Utah, and the Malouf Foundation at the forthcoming “SAFE Symposium: Ending Child Sexual Abuse” held in October of 2023.

About The Policy Project

The Policy Project is a 501c3 nonprofit, non-partisan organization that promotes solution-based policy solutions that remove barriers to opportunity for women, children, and those experiencing intergenerational poverty. Their unique approach fosters support for these policies through impassioned grassroots movements, fueled by public-private partnerships, education, events, rallies and extensive relationship building. Past initiatives by The Policy Project include "The Utah Period Project" and "The Teen Center Project."

About Saprea

Saprea exists to liberate individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts through education, prevention, and healing resources. To learn more about Saprea and their services, visit

By Sarah Jensen