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January 3, 2024

The Policy Project and Saprea to Hold Safe Child Trainings Around Utah

In Utah, 1 in 7 children experiences sexual abuse before they turn 18, which is higher than the national average.

Because every child deserves a safe and secure childhood, The Policy Project, Saprea, and Prevent Child Abuse Utah (PCAU) will be traveling to five counties across the state of Utah during the first few weeks of 2024 to teach how to prevent child sexual abuse from happening.

These three nonprofits will be holding a Parent and Community Education Night in each of the five counties to provide an opportunity for parents, community members, and local leaders to learn more about The Safe Child Project; participate in trainings led by experts on abuse prevention; create actionable plans to prevent child sexual abuse within their families and communities; and write letters of support to their local representatives.

At the heart of these events is the Safe Child Project, which is The Policy Project’s latest campaign aimed at ending child sexual abuse in Utah by advocating for all K-6 students to have the opportunity to receive sexual abuse prevention education and empowering parents and community leaders with the tools they need to keep kids safe.

“Attending the Parent and Community Education Night is a crucial step in our collective journey to end child sexual abuse,” says Emily Bell McCormick, Founder and President of The Policy Project. “By showing up, supporting The Safe Child Project, and gaining awareness about how to prevent child sexual abuse, we empower ourselves to be proactive guardians of the community's children. Together, we can build a safer environment and ensure every child has the protection they deserve."

The Parent and Community Education Nights will be held in:

In addition to important training, these events will include treats, upbeat music, joy, and positivity as solutions to such a heavy issue are presented. Although the target audience is adults, the content will be age-appropriate for teens and young children who may attend.

"Policy is a powerful tool for change, and by showing up for this event, we send a clear signal to the Utah Legislature that The Safe Child Project is a cause worth championing. Every voice, every letter to a legislator, and every event propels us forward in the fight against child sexual abuse," says Mary Catherine Perry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs for The Policy Project.

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