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August 12, 2021


Rustico logo

Isaac Childs created Rustico after discovering a need for a special type of journal —one that not only displayed elegant craftsmanship but could also withstand rugged conditions, like a nine-week backpacking trip through Europe or a wet fishing trip in Glacier National Park. Unable to find any existing journal to meet his needs, he began a mission to craft a leather-bound journal that could hold his treasured thoughts.

He enrolled in a bookbinding course, researched the most durable top-grain leathers and imported paper, and eventually produced a hand-sewn journal. The workmanship and durability of these journals started him thinking about the possibilities of other handcrafted pieces.

Childs teamed up with some of his best friends to produce goods that boast authentic American craftsmanship. Soon after he started selling his handmade journals, he opened an online store. And the orders began to pour in.

Rustico, based in Lindon, was founded for customers who want to both explore and reflect, to step out into nature as well as preserve the memories they create. The Younique Foundation is honored to partner again with Rustico, a generous sponsor of the 2021 Reclaim Hope Gala.

The Younique Foundation and Rustico connected over a common belief: writing can be a healing activity that allows you to process your emotions and experiences, leading to significant health and mood benefits. Both organizations understand that writing on a regular basis can help individuals reduce stress, better manage anxiety, and cope with depression.

Expressive writing is one of many healing tools promoted within The Younique Foundation’s survivor resources. “The Younique Foundation is special for me because of the purpose that they have of helping women heal,” Childs said. “[It’s] in line with, if not any different than, what we are trying to do at Rustico, which is essentially to inspire others to heal, to live intentionally.”

Rustico’s tagline is “Leave Your Mark,” and like it’s top-grain leather, it encourages its customers to “wear the journey well in keeping our people, lifestyle, and community on the path of living authentically,” says Childs. “So take a road trip. Wax your board. Hit up the mountains. Train for that race. Live intentionally. We’ll be alongside you as you leave your mark.”