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September 26, 2023

Cathryn Marshall and Ana Megrelishvili Announced as Co-Chairs for 2024 Saprea Gala

Saprea is thrilled to announce Ana Megrelishvili and Cathryn Marshall as the co-chairs for the 2024 Saprea Gala being held at the internationally renowned Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8, 2024.

Marshall and Megrelishvili, both influential members of the Atlanta community, are dedicated to supporting Saprea’s mission of liberating individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. They hope that their involvement in the gala will rally community and national leaders in promoting Saprea’s cause and protecting children around the world.

“I believe that protecting our children is one of the most critical responsibilities we have as a society. Every child deserves to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, free from the threat of abuse,” explained gala co-chair Ana Megrelishvili. “By being part of Saprea, I have the opportunity to actively contribute to this essential cause. I am driven by the conviction that our collective efforts can make a significant difference in raising awareness, advocating for policy changes, and providing support to survivors.”

Megrelishvili’s passion for making a positive impact on the world has taken her on the path of supporting Saprea as the gala committee co-chair. As a thriving adult survivor of childhood abuse, Ana is making efforts to educate people about Saprea’s mission and spread a message of hope to people she encounters who also went through similar experiences.

Cathryn Marshall is excited to join the global mission to liberate society from child sexual abuse as a co-chair for this year’s Saprea Gala. She has a personal mission to change lives by helping people create optimal mental health, physical health, and a balanced life.

As a successful entrepreneur and leader, Marshall uses her background in networking to connect individuals, businesses, and nonprofits with Saprea.

Saprea provides free healing retreats, healing webinars, sexual abuse support groups, and online resources for healing from sexual abuse and child sexual abuse prevention. One hundred percent of all donations go directly towards funding these programs and services and ensuring they are made available to the survivors, parents, and caregivers who need them most.

To learn more about Saprea, their services, and how you can support their mission of liberating individuals and society from child sexual abuse, visit


Cathryn Marshall

2024 Saprea Gala Co-Chair

Ana Megrelishvili

2024 Saprea Gala Co-Chair