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September 28, 2023

Saprea’s Commitment to Transparency

Saprea wishes to express our dedication to transparency, honesty, and integrity with the use of funds provided by our generous donors.

From the beginning, Saprea has held itself to the highest level of accountability and code of conduct. Our organization holds the highest seals of transparency on Candid and other nonprofit review sites. These recognitions demonstrate our commitment to wise, responsible, and efficient resource management. The funds donated to our cause are and will continue to be used solely to further our mission of liberating individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts.

Saprea’s leadership, staff, and support base take our responsibility to survivors of child sexual abuse very seriously. The people we help and protect have our complete focus, and you have our promise that all resources and funds donated will go towards serving them.

Thank you for your continued trust, support, and generosity.

Survivors of child sexual abuse worldwide need people like you. Together, we can bring healing to thousands more and protect children across the globe.

All our thanks,

*As always, records of our finances and funds donated are available on our website. If you have more in-depth questions about how we use the precious resources we receive, please reach out to our team at