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August 22, 2022

Marc C. & Deborah H. Bingham Foundation

Marc C. and Deborah H. Bingham Foundation logo

Saprea expresses its appreciation to the Marc C. & Deborah H. Bingham Foundation who are sponsors of the 2022 Saprea Gala. The Bingham Foundation was created in 2015 to further charitable organizations that share their commitment to promoting higher education, medical research, and wildlife conservation.

Their philanthropic contributions have made meaningful differences in the lives of individual citizens and local communities and have been recognized in Utah and nationally.

Following his graduation with a degree in wildlife management from Utah State University, Marc worked for several different state and federal wildlife agencies including the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and as a Conservation Officer for the state of Idaho. He founded Phone Directories Company and managed it from 1971-2007. Under his leadership the company operated in 18 states and throughout Canada, grew to more than 700 employees , and achieved annual revenues in excess of $75 million. After selling the business, he co-founded Blue Diamond Capital where he continues to manage assets in 12 western states across the Intermountain region of the United States and western Canada.

A lifetime resident of Utah, Deborah was the vice president of sales and business development for Phone Directories Company where she developed a robust sales force with more than 400 sales representatives. In 2007 she co-founded Blue Diamond Capital with her husband. She serves as president and chair of the Bingham Foundation. In addition, Deborah is also active in the community, having served on the Board of Trustees at Utah Valley University, and the University’s Foundation Board. She left a rich legacy of leadership and fundraising during the time she served at UVU. Deborah also loves the outdoors and is an avid hunter and conservationist.

“We’ve been very blessed with what’s happened to us in our life, and we feel that we need to pay it forward,” said Deborah.

The Binghams live by the belief that all people need to be given an opportunity. “That’s what we like to do is make a difference,” said Marc.

A few of the Bingham Foundation philanthropic projects include: