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September 9, 2021

Nonprofit Earns ‘Best in Classy’ Honor for Most Loyal Supporters

The Younique Foundation has been named a Best in Classy nonprofit organization in the Most Loyal Supporters category. The list of 50 nonprofit organizations recognizes fundraising excellence within the Classy nonprofit community and showcases how the Foundation uses the giving platform to create supporter-centric campaigns that activate our donors’ involvement in our cause.

The Younique Foundation was named among the top 10 nonprofits in the Most Loyal Supporters category, which highlights organizations with the most loyal donors, bringing in a dedicated supporter base that makes their mission possible through frequent interactions, recurring donations, and one-time gifts.

As a result, the Foundation is celebrated for having the second highest donor retention rate on the Classy platform, measured by dividing the sum of recurring and repeat donors by total number of donors. See full results here.

"We are honored to be awarded this distinction,” said Jen Price, marketing manager for The Younique Foundation. “We could not continue the work we do to support survivors and teach parents how to prevent sexual abuse without the ongoing support of our donors who sacrifice every month to support the cause."

In August, the Foundation’s Giving Tuesday campaign was highlighted at the national Nonprofit Marketing Summit 2021 as one the most successful year-end campaigns in 2020. More than 15,000 nonprofit marketing professionals participate in the conference.

The same Giving Tuesday campaign will soon be included in Classy’s new Classy Academy that features “all-star campaign examples and embodies amazing storytelling,” said Audrey Phillips, associate manager in Classy’s coaching department.

Classy is a giving experience platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about.