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October 24, 2022

Saprea Partners with African Women in Leadership Organization

Saprea and African Women in Leadership Organization (AWLO) have launched a strategic partnership to share Saprea resources to the AWLO network.  AWLO brings together executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals through 23 chapters in 12 countries.

 “AWLO will be a strategic partner in bringing awareness internationally to the issue of child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts,” said Saprea Managing Director Chris Yadon.

In addition to providing free healing resources, Saprea will also offer resource training to staff, volunteers, and members of AWLO. According to UNICEF, there are nearly 300 million children worldwide impacted by child sexual abuse. Through the AWLO network, Saprea’s mission to liberate individuals and society from the lasting impacts of this trauma will reach a broader global audience.

Saprea is a global nonprofit leading the charge against child sexual abuse, shedding light on the issue, and supporting communities around the world in healing and prevention. Backed by evidence-based best practices, extensive research, and a team of clinical experts, Saprea empowers survivors, parents, and community members with the knowledge needed to prevent, heal and break the cycle of abuse.

Saprea’s online healing resources provide education on the effects of abuse and ways in which those effects commonly manifest in the lives of adult survivors. The resources also offer practical tools and strategies survivors can use to reduce or manage the impacts of childhood trauma.

“Our objective in all our healing resources is to inspire survivors that healing is possible through education, self-compassion, and action,” said Yadon. “We have drawn upon both researched best practices, and valuable insights from the many survivors we have worked with over the years.”

AWLO CEO Elish Attai, says AWLO is about women leading the change they want to see in their communities. “This is an opportunity for our chapters to spearhead coordinated action towards ending child sexual abuse. We are happy to be at the forefront of this global initiative,” he said.

Created in 2009, the AWLO strategically builds participants capacity to advance female leadership. It engages key decision-makers to generate solutions, and build partnerships for women’s development.