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May 5, 2023

Saprea Honored With Global Award for Empowering Survivors

Acquisition International has awarded Saprea the “Most Empowering Child Sexual Abuse Survivor Nonprofit” in the United States as part of its third annual Non-Profit Organization Awards. The awards, which are given worldwide, reward the commitment, innovation, and determination of the best nonprofits from across the globe.

Saprea was selected based on the expertise within its given field of working with survivors of child sexual abuse. “We are honored to receive this award from Acquisition International and are grateful for their confidence in us. We are committed to the work we do to liberate individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts,” said Matthew Hartvigsen, Saprea’s executive director.

One in every four women in the United States is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. These women often spend decades trying to overcome the trauma they endured as children.

Saprea offers the following free in-person and online services for survivors:

Saprea Retreat:  This free four-day retreat is open to adult female survivors who were sexually abused at, or before, age 18. Three weeks each month, Saprea hosts survivors from Monday to Thursday. Participants gather in one of two locations (Utah or Georgia) for an immersive experience where they learn about the impacts of trauma, apply tools to further their healing, and build a community of support. Following the retreat, survivors can receive additional education and healing services through support groups, a self-guided online course, and additional online resources. Third-party validation by researchers from two major universities indicates that those who attend retreat experience a 45% improvement in levels of life satisfaction, and a 37% reduction of post-traumatic stress symptoms. More than 90%of participants recommend the retreat to a friend, family member, or someone in a similar situation.

Saprea Healing Webinar: This webinar helps adult female survivors of child sexual abuse jumpstart their healing from home. Offered twice a month, the healing webinar is a 4.5-hour interactive and educational virtual experience for survivors. The healing webinar is currently offered in English with plans to provide Spanish-speaking offerings in the future.

Saprea Support Groups: Survivor-led support groups, offered in four languages around the world, provide survivors with a safe place where they can have a voice, feel validated, and experience a sense of community. Support groups also provide practical healing tools to help survivors manage the impact of their past trauma.

Saprea Online Healing Resources: A library of research-based online resources help survivors address symptoms that may be associated with child sexual abuse trauma. These resources also help survivors understand the whys behind the effects trauma, and provide them with applicable tools, strategies, and activities to further their healing.

For more information on Saprea’s healing services, as well as its prevention resources, visit