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July 11, 2023

Nonprofit Serves 5,000th Survivor at Saprea Retreat

Saprea will mark an important milestone this week as it welcomes its 5,000th adult survivor of child sexual abuse at the Saprea Retreat.

One in every four women is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. These women often spend decades trying to overcome the trauma they endured as children. The Saprea Retreat is offered free of charge and open to adult female survivors who were sexually abused at or before age 18.

Three weeks each month, Saprea hosts groups of survivors for an immersive four-day experience that helps them learn and reflect. The participants learn ways to heal from the trauma of sexual abuse. By attending retreat, they can experience the connections, self-compassion, and support that are central to healing from childhood trauma. Following the retreat, the participants access resources available on the Saprea website and are enrolled in an online course to receive additional education about trauma and how to apply healing tools and principles into their day-to-day life. “I’m moved to tears at the thought that so many have attended the Saprea Retreat,” said Shelaine Maxfield, Saprea founder and board chair. “It is absolutely wonderful to know that what started as a good idea, and a deep desire to help others heal, has afforded so many an opportunity to reclaim hope.”

One survivor, Susan, who attended the retreat said, “Learning about and understanding how trauma has affected my brain has been eye-opening. I know now that I can take control and help heal the damage done by abuse. It has been a major turning point in my life. I will always be grateful for the change Saprea and the Saprea Retreat have brought to my life.”

Researchers have found that on average, participants experienced a 37% reduction of PTSD symptoms and saw a 45% improvement in levels of life satisfaction after attending the retreat.1,2

Dr. Jessica Egbert, who serves as Chief Program Officer at Saprea shared, “Reflecting upon the 5,000 women survivors of child sexual abuse who have participated in our retreat evoke powerful feelings of inspiration, gratitude, and urgency. We are continuously inspired by the women who trust in our healing programs and carry on messages of hope in their communities. I’m grateful for our generous donors who advocate for this cause and sacrifice to be part of the solution.”

Saprea is continuing its commitment to liberate individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. “Finally, as each of our 5,000 participants is celebrated, we continue working urgently to reach the millions affected by child sexual abuse and invite others to join us in this vital work,” said Egbert.

Survivors are invited to apply online to attend either the Utah or Georgia location. More details about the retreat and the application process can be found at

By McKenna Thaller