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The Women at the Retreat Are Like Me


I was feeling like I was watching my life from the outside. I was lost. Confused. Frustrated. Helpless. 

Then I went to a conference and heard a friend speak about her journey and it opened my eyes to what I needed. The Saprea Retreat

A year later… yes, a year. I messaged her. Only the third person to know. And I emptied my heart. And within an hour applied to the Saprea Retreat. 

When I was notified it was my turn, I took my husband on the porch and opened up to him. Then, the following days, my siblings. 

It wasn’t until after the retreat that I told my mom. 

Speaking the words are hard. 

Facing the truth is freeing. 

The staff understands and is so incredible. 

The women at the retreat are like me. And we are a tribe. We have an unbreakable bond. And I will never forget them. 

I feel like I have been saved from myself. 

And now I can help save others. 

-Caitlin, Survivor