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Smarter and More Understanding


I thought I faced my abuse. I thought it was something that happened and I healed from it and went on with my life. 

Applying for Saprea Retreat was the hardest first step. I didn’t know why I felt the need to go and experience it. “I thought you were over this? I thought you were healed from this? Why are you even applying? Let another woman go.” These were the constant thoughts I had while applying. 

Once I was accepted the fear of going hit. I made every excuse to not go. Family, finances, the list went on. 

Once I got there my anxiety was so high I couldn’t breathe. “What am I doing here?” I thought. 

Once the days went on I realized I DID need this! I realized I had so much to learn about myself and what I went through in my life. I FINALLY felt normal and not ashamed of my triggers, understanding what triggers were. Learning how to take care of ME! Learning that I am strong, beautiful and BRAVE! 

I met lifelong friends and sisters. The relationships I built at the retreat have helped on this new healing experience I am on. 

The dedication Saprea puts into helping victims is truly AMAZING! Finding a place that understands and truly knows what you feel and deal with without making you feel abnormal or ashamed of yourself; to be relieved that others around you think and feel just like you for once, was such a refreshing feeling. 

I came out smarter, more understanding of me, and the knowledge I need to heal myself correctly. A friend told me “We had a broken bone that healed wrong, the retreat broke that bone again and now showed us how to heal it correctly.” 

This retreat changed my life and I am so glad I didn’t allow my fears to stop me from attending. 

-Natalya, Survivor