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Able to See What the Abuse Did to Me


At the Saprea Retreat, I finally learned it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to let all those bottled emotions out. I finally found out why I have such a hard time showing my emotions and finding myself. 

For many years, I thought I was okay when really, I wasn’t. It wasn’t until that last day at the retreat that I cried and I cried hard. Being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse did, in fact, take a toll on me. 

While attending the retreat I was finally able to see what the abuse did to my brain, and how much of an impact it really had on me. Emotionally, spiritually and physically, I was damaged. It felt amazing being around other women who have been through abuse because I found out that I am not alone. I was able to bond with these women, and create a sisterhood that I will forever have. Throughout the week, I learned that I am strong, powerful, and I am worth it. 

-Brittany, Survivor