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It Was a Comfort to Know There Were More Survivors Like Me


I am a survivor of childhood trauma, my perpetrators were too close, inside my home, and the abuse went unnoticed. I didn’t ask for it, yet I still have to experience the repercussions of it. 

The day I filled out the form to attend the Saprea Retreat I was full of tears and emotions. I didn’t know what to expect; the only thing I knew was that I couldn’t keep fighting alone. When the retreat day arrived, I felt a roller coaster of emotions. I got off the plane and waited, I was looking around trying to figure out who else was there, then we started gathering. Seeing so many faces and knowing that those women understood what I was going through without even talking, it was a feeling of comfort because I wasn’t alone anymore, there were more survivors like me! 

Once inside the house, the outpouring of support I received, the classes, how spoiled I felt, and the closeness that I got with the group of ladies, are life-lasting experiences. I finally understood that my feelings are valid, that there is a path of healing, and it is not through denial. 

My story is not over yet, it turns out that I was called to help others using the Saprea Support Group. So far, I have reached over 20 ladies in my community who aren’t feeling alone anymore, and I am planning on continuing to offer support for years to come. 

I am grateful for the existence of Saprea, that keeps working constantly to educate people about the existence of childhood sexual abuse, and the commitment to help survivors during our healing journey. 

-Johana, Survivor