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I Am Worthy and I Do Matter


Once was more than enough! My abuse didn’t happen over the course of many years or instances. One time changed my young mind body and soul forever. Knowing that many had it worse than me, I went through life thinking my trauma didn’t mean anything because it was only one time. I discounted my pain for years, but I was never more wrong. 

It doesn’t matter whether it happened once or a hundred times we still deserve to break free from the nightmare. It wasn’t till the Saprea Retreat that I felt worthy and deserving of a healing journey. With all of the things I learned at the retreat I look to my future with pride and a smile knowing there is a beautiful life to be lived. I am strong in the fact that the darkness of my past has no power over my present and I have the skills to protect my future. I am worthy and I do matter. We all do! 

-Shelby, Survivor