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I Wanted to Scream at the World


My life started being sexually abused and neglected by those who were supposed to take care of me. The trauma of the sexual abuse caused numbness in so many areas of my life. I felt shame. I felt anger. I felt pain. I felt negativity all around me. I wanted to scream at the world or anyone who would listen! 

I didn’t want to keep those feelings buried deep down inside. But I didn’t know how to talk about it or how to bring up the subject. So in 2016 I launched a personal blog and made the decision to find my voice. This was my first stepping stone to start the healing process from the PTSD, anxiety, and depression I was battling. 

In May of 2016, I posted a short video trying to explain “my emotions don’t match my brain.” I was aware that I needed to dig deeper to start the healing process to be able to cope and live life to the absolute FULLEST! It’s no coincidence that 2 years later I would get accepted to attend the Saprea Retreat and that was a HUGE milestone in my journey. We were taught that trauma affects your brain and can keep you stuck in the past. I needed to hear this, I needed to know I wasn’t imagining these complex feelings. The joy I felt finally being validated, safe, and loved by complete strangers (by the staff and all the ladies I met) is something I keep in my heart Forever! I now consider Saprea my family! 

I continue on my healing journey and life is beginning to shift toward Living, Laughing, and Loving. The founder Shelaine wrote a message for survivors that said: “We want all survivors to find healing so that they can reach their full potential, to help you reclaim hope in yourself and your future.” 

Today, I am a blogger, advocate, AND proud to share that I started my own business which will launch in January 2019. I felt it was time to combine my two passions – helping others & social media! Anything is possible if you do the work. I FOUND MY VOICE & MY PASSION/MISSION! 

– Petra, Survivor