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What I Learned at the Saprea Retreat Saved My Life


For years I have had trouble with depression, anxiety, and had no self-worth. I have struggled with a lot of health issues. After I had my handsome son my depression and anxiety got worse. 

I never thought about connecting the dots that all this was caused because I was abused as a child. Then I heard about the Saprea Retreat. I had to suck up my fears and be brave enough to attend. 

What I learned at the retreat saved my life. I have so much more confidence. I am now able to look in the mirror and see an amazing and worthy woman. I can finally close the door on my past. 

I have so much more self-worth than I did back then. Which means I can finally get my life back. Nobody will ever take that away from me ever again. 

I am very thankful for everyone at the Saprea Retreat for helping me to reclaim my life again. I am going to make my life the best, not only for me but also for my son.  I am a survivor. 

-Tessa, Survivor