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Saprea > Survivor Stories > I Felt I Was Not Worthy to be Loved


I Felt I Was Not Worthy to be Loved


I have dealt with the trauma of being sexually abused by my sister’s father; at the age of 3 he started grooming me and had me so messed up my whole life. Feeling that I was not worthy to be loved by any man. Yet believing that if a man had sex with me, he loved me and I was worthy of his love. 

This led to a life filled with being addicted to sex, searching for that love of a father, that love of my mother and never finding it. Instead, I felt as if I was tainted, I felt as if I was no better than a prostitute. My mother called me a Jezebel at the age of five and always accused me that I was seducing her husband and boyfriends. My mother put me into the system, and I was shipped from foster home to foster home, 46 in all, never finding any safety or love there either. 

I am so thankful for being allowed the experience of the Saprea Retreat. This has been the release that for so many years I have been searching for. I am so thankful for Shelaine and her passion to help other women to find their truth. I am a SURVIVOR and MY TRUTH is I am free. 

-Tina, Survivor