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I Was Able to Relate, Learn, and Grow


For most of my life I carried guilt for the horrible things that happened to me. At the age of 56, I began my journey towards healing. At 59, I was blessed to attend the Saprea Retreat

The beautiful souls of the women I met there will remain with me forever! I spent the week on a journey towards healing and found so much more! Within the group sessions I truly learned I am not alone. I learned that although our traumatic experience(s) differ, we all have carried either the same or very similar “baggage.” I was able to relate, learn, and grow through the entire process. 

I don’t know if I can pick just one class that was my favorite! I received so much from each! Muay Thai taught me that I am more powerful than I believed. The guide to nutrition was very enlightening. Art (in all forms) has been very therapeutic and enlightening for me. 

A word about the clinicians: I find it difficult to describe their compassion, understanding, and intelligence. However, I can say they are all amazing and just seem to know your needs. They are another group of beautiful souls! 

–Cheri, Survivor