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Make the Pain Disappear


I was an innocent child of 4 when my mother would leave my brother and I with my aunt’s husband while they went to play bingo. This went on for several years before I finally said something to my mom. 

As a teenager I went through some hard times and disobeyed my parents a lot. I was looking for love everywhere, someone who would make the pain from my childhood disappear. I never shared my story until I met Roman. He was my safe zone, I felt like I could tell this man anything without being judged. We got married and had 3 amazing kids. We divorced after 17 years of marriage but we continue our friendship and he is still my safe zone. 

I am 46 years old now and I still have flashbacks of things that happened to me when I was a child. But these things do not define me. I am a survivor! I am a strong woman because of my past! 

We will never forget what happened to us but we are strong, we are survivors!!! 

-Callie, Survivor