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I Want to be a Voice for Women


If someone had asked me before 2017 if I would share my story, I would have said no. Now, a year later, I am trying to share not just my story, but have a voice for every woman out there, that has felt that same way. The Saprea Retreat helped me find my voice again. It gave me the comfort to know that I wasn’t alone. I finally felt normal for once in my life. I was finally safe. Safe is a very strong word for me, and the Saprea Retreat gave me that word. I can now go to sleep and not lay in the dark for hours at a time having 100 questions run through my mind. I still have nights that are hard, but I now have the resources to make me feel SAFE again. I cannot thank the Saprea Retreat enough. You have given me my life back. 

-Bethany, Survivor