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Everything Changed When I Attended Retreat


I’m 52 years old, and all these years I have dealt with my abusive past through therapy and other healing modalities. Those modalities were very helpful in bringing my life forward, however so much changed when I surrendered to my fears and attended the Saprea Retreat

For the first time, I had the opportunity to meet and bond with others who completely understood where I’ve been and how difficult this journey is. I now have lifelong friends who get me and we will support each other always! 

The education provided about the trauma brain changed my life. I am now learning to master my trauma brain and I feel so balanced and free. Yoga has become a helpful tool for my brain and body. I feel so much better. 

Saprea Retreat workers are the best. They are not intrusive at all, and we were always granted the opportunity to opt out of any activities at any time, although I ended up doing most of them and benefitted so much from them. I began to feel safe from the minute I met the drivers and other participants. The organization’s generosity is overwhelming, and the plans they’ve made for helping women heal are outstanding. 

-Cindy, Survivor