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Newfound Fire in My Heart to Heal


I used to call myself a victim of sexual abuse. It defined me. I was purely that, struggling to seem normal or even try to recover. When I finally sought out help for my trauma, I learned to call myself a survivor. Because that is what every single person who attends the Saprea Retreat is: a SURVIVOR. 

I attended the Saprea Retreat expecting it to be informative and interesting. I did not know how much it would change my life. I walked out of that retreat with a newfound fire in my heart to heal and help others heal. Being around so many other survivors and the amazing staff who genuinely cared about my recovery inspired me so much. 

Knowing you are not alone and being surrounded by women who shower you with love and support are two different things. I now have a support network that understands what I have been through, new skills that have allowed me not only to get by or try to be ‘normal’ but have shown me how to heal and love myself more than I ever have before. 

I am beyond thankful for the Saprea Retreat and all that they do. To anyone thinking about attending this retreat: know that you are strong, loved, powerful, and worthy of so much in your life. Taking this step will allow you to further or even start your healing journey. Take what you learn and run with it…it will change your life! 

-Lizzy, Survivor