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I Actually Needed to be There


I grew up feeling alone and unwanted and broken! I didn’t think anyone would ever understand the pain I had gone through and am still going through! Once the doors opened at the Saprea Retreat you could feel the love and warmth! I was so nervous being there, but I could feel there was no room for anything but love and learning and healing. 

I made a bond with the other women that were there, and I learned that we may have different stories, but we all knew and understood each other’s hurt without having to say a word. I felt safe and loved. 

I didn’t know how much I actually needed to be there until I was there! Knowing that I wasn’t alone in my feelings made such a huge difference. Being at the retreat has taught, and is continuing to teach me, that I am WORTHY; I am loved and can love. It’s a journey. One I’m not done with yet, but I’m excited to continue! 

-Gabby, Survivor