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My Journey is to be Continued


My name is Trisha and I am a survivor of childhood sibling sexual abuse. I was 12 when my older brother molested me for a year. I didn’t have a stable household as a child so there was nothing I could do or say to make it stop. I was the forgotten child. 

In 2015, I had been told by my parents that my brother was being looked into for a molestation of little girl in another state and there was a no-contact ordered against him and the little girl. My parents said that the little girl was lying. My heart dropped into my stomach… I couldn’t come out yet. To hear my parents say they don’t believe the little girl I felt they wouldn’t believe me either. 

I ended up coming out that same year because my parents were bullying me so bad I got mad enough and just yelled it out to my dad over the phone. I was believed, but I was told to not talk about it. My parents went to a therapist and the therapist was going to call the police and he let my parents talk him out of it and put the phone down. 

I endured bullying from my parents over the next two years as I refused to talk to my brother or see him and my parents told me to quit trying to break our family apart. It tore me apart as I tried several times to bring the conversation up and got shot down or my parents started getting angry at me telling me it’s my fault I didn’t say anything as a child. 

At 27 years old I made that call to the police 15 years after my brother molested me and I chose to fully end the toxic relationship that I did have with my parents. I was asked to give detail and I had never done that and I just bawled over the phone to the officer. He was so nice and caring and listened to me and I thank him to this day for that. I then got assigned a detective to work my case. When I went in for my video testimony I had never told my story and to tell it in detail word for word broke me. That wall I had built up for 15 years shattered right in front of me. My biggest fear was retaliation and it came true… after coming out and filing my report my brother started to threaten me and make false police calls against me so I had to get an attorney to serve him and my parents cease and desist letters. 

Currently I am waiting for the full investigation to be completed and for my case to be presented to a judge and prosecutors to try and criminally charge my brother. I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and feel I am carrying a little girl’s story as well and fighting not just for me, but for her too. I have been diagnosed with Complex PTSD and suffer from anxiety

My journey is to be continued… and I want other survivors to know that you can finally stand up for yourself and make yourself heard. I hope to one day get sponsored and travel and tell my story to other survivors and be an advocate on this very silent horrible epidemic that is occurring. 

-Trisha, Survivor