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This is Life-Changing


In November 2016, I received an email with a link about the Saprea Retreat. I looked at it and thought wow I’d love to attend, but why would they accept me. I’m from Ireland. The friend that sent the link told me to apply, so I did. 

Four months later I found myself sitting on a plane heading to Salt Lake City. When I got to the retreat, I was amazed by the beauty that surrounded me. That beauty was from the location, the house, and the other 23 women. I immediately had a connection and felt very at ease. The staff were all amazing. 

The education and support we received was excellent. This is not just a retreat, this is life-changing. After the four days, I left the retreat a different woman. I had made lifelong friendships. I had strength and courage that I never knew I had. I could never thank Saprea enough for accepting me and giving me this life-changing experience. 

If you are like me and you don’t live in America it’s fine, you will be accepted with open arms, so make that trip it will be the best journey you will ever take in your life. 

-Amanda, Survivor