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I Found Sisters at the Saprea Retreat


I didn’t even realize how many aspects of my life were affected by my trauma until recently. It has been 20 years and I feel like I am further on my healing journey now than ever before thanks to the retreat offered by Saprea. 

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the retreat. It was life changing!! You are not required to talk about your trauma at all, though I did feel comfortable doing so as the week went on. I was bonded to these ladies from the get go just knowing that we all had experienced this horrible trauma in our life and the relationships we built in 4 days are unbelievable to me. 

I have sisters for life that have my back and remind me that I am strong and I am brave and I am capable and I am beautiful, I am loved and I AM WORTHY! The entire retreat is focused around reclaiming hope and it helped me do just that. The staff is amazing and I have never felt so safe. I realized things about myself that I never even thought about before. The entire experience was amazing and I left there a better person, wife and mother!! 

For some of us, the trauma was more fresh in nature and for some it had been almost 50 years, but that didn’t matter, we all walked away with something and every one of us are now on a better path to healing. I can’t thank Saprea enough for giving me this opportunity to learn about myself, to grow and to recognize my true potential. My life is forever changed! 

-Michelle, Survivor