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I Was Scared to Talk About My Dirty Little Secret


It’s been one whole year since going to the most amazing place to ever change my life, the Saprea Retreat. I was scared to get on that plane. Even more, I was scared to talk about my dirty little secret. I had only told people close to me. Even then it wasn’t detailed. Being told to never speak of this secret haunted me day and night. 

Frightened that people would look at me as if I was dirty or a horrible person haunted me. That’s how I saw myself, they had to see me the same way. Little did I know, these ladies had similar stories. Not all were the same, but it was our story. 

Since learning about how my brain functions, and how to handle the many “crazy episodes” I was having many times a day, I have opened myself up and started living, telling my story, and learning about me. I have gotten scuba certified, lost weight, watched my daughter marry her soulmate, and am just living a fuller beautiful life! You just have to take the GIANT STRIDE to be a better you. 

-Leah, Survivor