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Saprea > Survivor Stories > I’m the Brightest Shining Star in the Darkness


I’m the Brightest Shining Star in the Darkness


I sit here looking and thinking of how Saprea Retreat helped me. Thinking of what to say. The problem is not that I cannot think of anything. It’s that there are so many and some I can’t even explain. I have RECLAIMED HOPE! 

I don’t feel like a lost cause or that I am not enough. I am enough, and I am something. I matter to my family and to God. I’m so grateful to Saprea for saving my life. I’m not just a lost lonely soul passing through. I’m so much more. I have hope to become more. More for myself. More for my family. More for other women that need help. I feel like so much was taken away from me. Now my wings are restored and I’m ready to fly. Thank you for showing me that I’m the brightest shining star in the darkness. 

-Sarah, Survivor