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My Breakthrough Moment Was When I Started Loving Myself


My trauma has definitely changed my life. But I didn’t let it keep me broken. It took many years to really start to heal. I learned I’m stronger than I thought. I learned to love myself. I learned that difficult times in our lives help us keep going. We learn who we truly are beyond what we survived. 

I used to be ashamed and wouldn’t let anyone know what I had been through. I learned that sharing my story helped me heal and, amazingly, it helps other people too. I want to help others. I want them to know they too can heal and live a wonderful life. 

My breakthrough moment was when I actually started loving myself. That’s when the healing became much easier. I want others to know, “You do matter, your story matters, and through your story others will find strength also.” 

I may have been a victim at one time in my life. I’m not anymore. Neither am I a statistic. I’m a survivor; I’m a thriver. You can be too. You can be whoever you want to be. You can live your dreams. It all starts with some soul-searching and loving yourself. Once you start, you will start to heal. You’re stronger than your experiences. You are an amazing warrior. Be that for someone else too. Share your story! 

-Christina, Survivor