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These Amazing Women Cried with Me


Weeks leading up to the Saprea Retreat I kept hearing “this is going to change your life” and I thought how is this going to fix years of hurt and pain? How can being with people I don’t know, in a place I don’t know, sharing my hurt and pain going to help me? Then I met these women and little by little I was changing by my own free will! I learned so much about myself and my body that I never knew the reasons behind. 

There were moments at the retreat I was the 7-year-old girl all over again and when I cried, I had these amazing women cry with me. When I shared my heart freely it wasn’t unheard. 

I came home 14 weeks ago and not only do I see a change in myself but so do my family and friends. I no longer stay awake at night, afraid to sleep, because now I know I am safe. I know I am enough, and I can go after my dreams because I am good enough. I’m not afraid to share my story because I am no longer ashamed. It isn’t my shame to hold on to as one of my warrior sisters told me. 

I came home from the retreat free! Free from my own brain! Free from my past. I left everything there. I came home with my smile. 

Can I say that I don’t have thoughts or feel on edge at times? Yes, I do, but I have tools that help me work through it and not keep me stuck inside of my head. 

The Saprea Retreat saved me! 

I found me! 

-Crystle, Survivor