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Best Thing I’ve Done for Myself


I had the honor of attending Saprea Retreat put on by Saprea this past May. It’s actually hard to come up with the right words to describe what I experienced, but I will try.

My story begins 16 years ago when my memories of sexual abuse resurfaced. My road to recovery has been far from easy. I have spent years seeing different doctors and therapists. I actually thought I had finally put my past behind me until I began a new career in real estate. Working with men I didn’t know started to trigger all my issues. I suffered from PTSD and that was when I knew I needed help again.

I had heard about the retreat and wondered if I was too old or if it was too long ago, but I longed to learn and gain more tools. Even though fear and doubts gripped me, I signed up.

I am BEYOND grateful I went–Saprea Retreat is located in a beautiful mountain setting and from the moment we arrived we were welcomed with love and treated like royalty. For the first time I felt more “normal” and the feeling of isolation I’ve felt my whole life started to fade away. Being with other survivors with similar stories was very powerful. My life is forever changed from meeting these women from all over the world and hearing their heartbreaking stories but by the last day seeing a glimmer of hope in their eyes.

The last night I was there I sat next to a young lady who was barely older than my daughter. It was hard thinking of how young she was to be in a place like this, but on the other hand how awesome that she was getting tools at age 23 that I just got at 48.

My abuse will not define me, it changed me but now I have the hope and tools I’ve never had to move forward and put my memories behind me. Attending the retreat was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

-Kristie, Survivor