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There is Always Hope


I spent most of my life afraid that if people really knew me they would hate me as much as I hated myself. I felt broken and alone. I hated dating because, eventually, you had to have “that” conversation. 

Slowly I began to realize no one hated me, but me. I took one small step to start loving myself. I picked one thing that I liked about myself. My eyes. I wrote why I liked my eyes, described them and drew them. 

Without that step so many years ago I would never have loved myself enough to even apply to attend the Saprea Retreat. It was there that I learned why I react to things the way I do and how to not live with it, but move past it. I left the last day with something I needed so desperately… Hope. Hope that one day my past will be behind me. Hope that panic and anxiety won’t win forever. Hope that my life can be better with the truth that I am worth the effort. 

-Amy, Survivor