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What Happened to The Haven Retreat?

Haven Retreat was created by Shelaine and Derek Maxfield after learning a loved one had been traumatized by child sexual abuse. The Maxfields wanted to build “a retreat nestled in the mountains, a place where women could begin their healing.”

The Haven Retreat

Since the inaugural retreat was created in 2015 by The Younique Foundation, thousands of adult female survivors have attended The Haven Retreat. It’s inspiring to know that so many women have taken the opportunity to find healing. The Haven Retreat was the focus of a 2020 research study by two universities that found that participants experienced significant gains in their life satisfaction and ability to cope with their childhood trauma.

In February 2022, The Younique Foundation rebranded as Saprea. This change was necessary to elevate our brand, to communicate the breadth and growth of our services, reach new audiences, and facilitate additional partnerships. Along with an updated brand, we have taken action to ensure our core values and focus will not change.

Saprea Rebrand

The rebrand to Saprea positions us to become the leader in the all-encompassing fight against child sexual abuse. We eagerly continue our retreat services for survivors and have no intention of eliminating the retreat. Rather, we have actually grown our healing services by creating the Saprea Healing Webinar, an interactive and educational online experience that provides female survivors the opportunity to jumpstart their healing from home. Saprea also recognizes the magnitude of the problem of child sexual abuse across all communities, and is working to offer resources and support more individuals and families who have been affected. In 2022, Saprea offered its first Kosher retreat at its Utah location.

With this rebrand also came the renaming of many of our services —The Haven Retreat included. The retreat is now named the Saprea Retreat. We continue to offer this in-person service because we know it works. Third-party research has been conducted by the international impact measurement company 60 Decibels with survivors who attended our retreat. The results found we had a Net Promoter Score of 98, the highest among those 60 Decibels ever measured. To put this into perspective, companies like Amazon and Apple have some of the highest NPS scores, ranging in the 80s. Saprea scored a 98! The study also found that more than 91% of retreat participants reported experiencing a transformation in their life that ranged from positive to significant and lasting.

Saprea Retreat

This is why we created the Saprea Retreat—to improve lives and in some cases save lives. The retreat provides education on the impacts of trauma, tools to support long-term healing, and opportunities to connect with fellow survivors. At the retreat, survivors participate in classes and experiential activities that reinforce that they are deserving of compassion and healing, and are not alone in the trauma they experienced. Our own post-retreat surveys indicate that more than 70% of participants stay in contact with their someone they met while attending the retreat, even after a year has passed.

Three weeks each month, the Saprea Retreat hosts survivors from Monday to Thursday. Participants gather for an immersive experience where they can learn, reflect, and engage in a variety of activities that help increase feelings of well-being and empowerment. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Saprea Retreat is free to any woman who was sexually abused at or before age 18. More details about the retreat and the application process can be found at

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Melinda Colton

Communications Director
Melinda joined Saprea as the Communications Director in 2020. She has worked in higher and public education and has won national awards for her writing and strategic communications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Brigham Young University. She considers it an honor to share the courageous stories of survivors of child sexual abuse. Melinda and her husband are the parents of two sons. In her free time she has a passion for Broadway musicals, travel, the Utah Jazz, and Diet Coke.